Hawk The Revolution of the Crypto Industry

HAWK the first reserve grade cryptocurrency, that can be used to tokenize securities and transact with them using all the advantages of the Blockchain and all the protections of the regulatory and legal framework in the security industry

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Pre-ICO Token Distribution has finished

Total Tokens: 15,000,000 HWKS / Hardcap: 15,000,000 HWKS / Min. Contribution: USD 10K

The HAWK Ecosystem: Security, Efficiency and Reliability.

To revolutionize the cryptocurrency industry, the Hawk Project’s contribution aims to provide:

Securitythe need to positively identify all users in the ecosystem and be able to execute financial transaction within the regulatory framework between two entities. The anonymity of the parties in a transaction keeps all the other cryptocurrencies out of the financial industry, adding significant contingencies and risks.

Efficiency, by tokenizing real assets, such as stock shares, and once both parties, the buyer and the seller, are properly identified, a transaction can take place at a fraction of the cost and time, suppressing a lot of middle men and providing full transparency to the transaction.

Reliability, the Blockchain allows the user to keep the securities in their own possession, instead of custodians’. Thousands of nodes provide a comprehensive framework that allows us to protect user’s information, now with HAWK all these advantages will apply to all real transactions of securities

HAWK the reserve cryptocurrency

HAWK is designed to become a reserve cryptocurrency, the main characteristics that provide the HAWK with this reserve grade design are:

Limited number of units: The total number of HWK that will be ever produced is limited to 50 Million units.  Unlike FIAT currencies, the number of HWK units will always remain the same thus protecting shareholder value.

Lack of liabilities: Unlike FIAT currencies, HWK does not have trillions of US Dollars in public and private debt that has a negative impact in its valuation and in the long term solvency of the FIAT currencies themselves.

Transaction income: HWK generates an income to all HWK holders, all the future transactions that take place either in HAWK or its tokenized securities will produce an income equivalent to approximately 0.02% of the value of the transaction, potentially delivering millions to HWK holders.

The natural evolution in the Security Industry

An infrastructure able to bring tokenized stock to the decentralized blockchain

Improving the cryptocurrency world

Brings the benefit and protection of the regulatory framework to the cryptocurrency world

Hawk: Smart Identity Management

By digitally identify every holder using blockchain identity certifiers we prevent money laundering, fraud and criminal transactions to happen.

Independent Security and Currency Storage

You can keep your assets with no need to keep them deposited in a bank or other financial institution.


Project Definition & Business Plan

Every idea has to start somewhere. For us, this was inception.

2017 Q4


Initial price 0.00285 ETH.

2018 Q2

Proof of concept

Technical Project and White Paper generation

2018 Q3


ICO USA (Regulation A+ Expected)
Initial Price: 0.00800 ETH

2018 Q4

HAWK Coin Launch

Launch of HAWK coin as cryptocurrency, exchange of HAWK tokens to coins

2019 Q4

HAWK Decentralized Exchange

First exchange of corporate shares to go live fully based in HAWK tech

2020 Q4


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Long Term Solvency

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