How to restore a wallet on your Ledger Nano S

You can recover a wallet when you first initialize your Nano S, after an update, and / or after having reset your device (to reset your device, enter 3 wrong PIN codes in a row).

First, make sure to have a 12-word, 18-word or 24-word backup. (Ledger passphrases are always 24-word ones)

  1. Connect your Nano S
  2. Read the instructions
  3. Decline to configure as new device by selecting the cross icon with left button when “Configure as new device ?” is prompted
  4. Select “Restore configuration” with Right button.
  5. Choose a 4 to 8 digit custom PIN code, using left button to decrease value, right button to increase it, and both buttons to validate each number.
  6. Confirm by re-entering this same PIN code.
  7. Now you need your Ledger Recovery sheet on which you previously copied your 24 words backup, or a passphrase from a wallet designed by another brand
  8. Choose the number of words required  to restore your backup. For example, if you import a Ledger Wallet recovery phrase, select “24 words”
  9. Then enter each word following the numerical order until the 24th
  10. Wait until confirmation